Ivah Candice King - Social Security Application

Source Text:

Name: Iva Candace King
[Iva Candaceking Williams]
[Ivah Richardson]
[Iva Hanson]
[Ivah Williams]
SSN: 542098641
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birth Date: 12 Feb 1917
Birth Place: Seattle, Washington
Death Date: Jul 1998
Father: Royal C King
Mother: Neoma O Plaster
Type of Claim: Original SSN.
Signature on SSN Card: IVA KING
Relationship of Signature: Signature name differs from NH’s name.
Apr 1937: Name listed as IVA CANDACE KING;
Jan 1938: Name listed as IVA CANDACEKING WILLIAMS;
15 Mar 1985: Name listed as IVAH CANDACE RICHARDSON;
Sep: Name listed as IVA CAN HANSON;
13 Aug 1998: Name listed as IVAH C WILLIAMS

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