Joane Lane
Francis Collesera Taliaferro
Francis C Taliaferro
1589 - 1647

Joane Lane - Story from Find a Grave

Joane may have been the daughter or granddaughter of John Lane/Laynere of Cornhill, London, court musician, whose family owned much property on Hart Street where Bartholomew & Joane Taliaferro lived. Bartholomew's will is on file at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Eng. Bartholomew was made a denizen of London in March,1562. By tradition the Taliaferro family originated at Mugello, Italy, where there is a place called Tagliaferr.

Joane Lane married Bartholomew Taliaferro on 1-Jan-1583/84 in St. Michael's, Cornhill, London,England.

Joane and Bartholomew were the parents of:
1. Francais Taliaferro (born 1566)
2. Katherine Taliaferro (1584-1585)
3. Horatio Taliaferro (1585-1593)
4. Scipio Taliaferro (1587-1629)
5. Francis Taliaferro, I. (1589-1647)
6. Isack Taliaferro (1592-1610)
7. Jacob Taliaferro (1592-1593)
8. Elyzabeth (Taliaferro) Graye (1594-)
9. Bartholomew Taliaferro (1596-1596)
10. Jeromme Taliaferro (1598-1609)

Following the death of Bartholomew Taliaferro, Joane (Lane) Taliaferro married Thomas Graye.