Alta Janetta Miller
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George Jacob Simon
George Jacob Simon
1875 - 1964
Estella Mary Miller
Estella Mary Miller
1878 - 1924
Lula Bell Miller
Lula Bell Miller
1880 - 1968
Charles Dewitt Miller
Charles Dewitt Miller
1887 - 1981


Feb 5
1874 • The first group of the Dorsland Trek, a series of expeditions undertaken by Trekboere in search of political independence and better farming conditions, departs from South Africa under the leadership of Gert Alberts to settle in Angola.


Age: 55y
1930 Mahatma Gandhi sets off on a 200-mile protest march towards the sea with 78 followers to protest at the British monopoly on salt; more will join them during the Salt March that ends on April 5.


Apr 2
Age: 66y
George Jacob Simon - 1940 United States Federal Census


Memphis, Scotland County, Missouri, USA ⇓
George lived at 140 West Jefferson Street in Memphis. Alta's mother, Harriet Madison Jenkins is living with them at 85 years old shortly before her death.
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1940 • WWII: The Norwegian Army surrenders to German forces.


Age: 91y
1966 • The unmanned Soviet Luna 9 spacecraft makes the first controlled rocket-assisted landing on the Moon.