♀ Sarah Katherine Dedman

1626 - 1713


Katherine Grimes, Deadman, Debnam

Sarah Katherine Dedman
Henry William Dedman
Henry William Dedman
1600 - 1655
Robert Taliaferro
Robert Taliaferro
1626 - 1671
Mary Taliaferro
Mary Taliaferro
1658 - 1695

Born Sarah Katherine Deadman, daughter of Henry Dedman and Katherine. After Henry passed Katherine married Rev. Charles Grymes and he adopted Sarah Katherine. She is also known as Sarah Grymes, Katherine Dedman, Katherine Deadman, Catherine Debnam, Catherine Grymes and Sarah Dedman. Sarah's mother was also named Katherine.


1626 • Emperor Susenyos of Ethiopia and Patriarch Afonso Mendes declare the primacy of the Roman See over the Ethiopian Church and Roman Catholicism the state religion of Ethiopia.


Age: 27y


Robert Taliaferro
Virginia, USA ⇓
1653 New Amsterdam (later renamed New York City) is incorporated.


Age: 32y
1658 • The peace between Sweden and Denmark is concluded in Roskilde by the Treaty of Roskilde, under which Denmark is forced to cede significant territory.


Age: 87y
1713 Ars Conjectandi, a seminal work on probability by Jakob Bernoulli is published eight years after his death, by his nephew, Niklaus Bernoulli.