♂ Bartholomew Taliaferro

1530 - 1601


Tallafer, Taliaferra

Bartholomew Taliaferro
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Joane Lane
Joane Lane
Francis Collesera Taliaferro
Francis C Taliaferro
1589 - 1647
Born in Venice, Italy. Lived in various parishes in London until his death. Buried September 22, 1601, at St. Olave's Hart Street London. Married Joane Lanier/Lanyer on 1 JAN 1583 at St. Michaels, Cornhill, London, England. Father of Katherine, Horatio, Ciprion (or Siprion), Francis, Jacob and Isack (twins), Jerome (or Jeromme), Elizabeth (or Elyzabeth) and Bartholomew Taliaferro. BARTHOLOMEW Tallafer, Taliaferra, Taliaferro, etc., a subject of the Duke of Venice, paid 20 shillings for...
The Origin of the Family of Taliaferro is the title of a sketch in The Virginia Magazine of History an Biography, vol. 77 - Jan.1969, published by Virginia Historical Society, Box 7511, Richmond, Virginia 23221 - 0311. The Editor being familiar with the name in the same spelling as the title above, recalling both families by the name and a street by the name, in city of birth, Tampa, Florida, is glad to pass on this contribution, or at least, a report of same for those who may be interested....
Portions of the will of Bartholomew Tallefer read as follows:"To my four sons Scipio, Fraunces, Isak, and Jeromme two hundred pounds sterling when they shall be of the age of twenty one years.To Elizabeth my daughter to be given at her marrige one hundred pounds sterling, meaning that she shall not marry until she be of the age of sixteen years or according to the will of her mother.To Jone my wife one hundered pounds sterling, if she marries again. If she does not, she is to have all the...