♀ Clara May Lowry

1864 - 1909



Clara May Lowry
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John Lowry Jr.
John Lowry Jr.
1823 - 1865
Mary Lowry
Mary Lowry
1826 - 1917
Roy Blain Boyd
Roy Blain Boyd
1883 - 1942
Mary Winona Plaster
Mary Winona Plaster
1889 - 1963
Neoma Olieta Plaster
Neoma Olieta Plaster
1896 - 1985
Minerva Lowry
Minerva Lowry
1847 - 1881
Charles Henry Lowry
Charles Henry Lowry
1848 - 1906
Andrew Thomas Lowry
Andrew Thomas Lowry
1851 - 1930
Jaretta Ann Lowry
Jaretta Ann Lowry
1852 - 1920
Emily Jane Lowry
Emily Jane Lowry
1856 - 1940


Mar 10
1864 Clipper ship City of Adelaide launched in Sunderland, England. By the 21st century, she will be the world's oldest surviving clipper of only two survivors (Cutty Sark being the other).


Age: 5y
Mary Lowry & Clara Lowry - 1870 United States Federal Census


Union, Poweshiek, Iowa, USA ⇓
She moved to a farm in Poweshiek probably when she was very young, after the death of her father John Lowry. Her mother Mary was a farmer, with the help of her two oldest sons.
1 Source ⇓
1870 • The Canadian province of Manitoba is created in response to Louis Riel's Red River Rebellion.


Jan 26
Age: 17y
1882 Great Comet of 1882: Her Majesty's Astronomer at the Cape, David Gill, reported watching the comet rise a few minutes before the Sun and described it as "The nucleus was then undoubtedly single, and certainly rather under than over 4″ in diameter; in fact, as I have described it, it resembled very much a star of the 1st magnitude seen by daylight."


Age: 20y
1885 Mahdist War in Sudan: British victory at the Battle of Abu Klea.


Feb 12
Age: 31y
1896 • 'St. Augustine Monster': A large carcass, later postulated to be the remains of a gigantic octopus, is found washed ashore near St. Augustine, Florida.


Age: 35y
1900 • The United Kingdom and the United States sign a treaty for the building of a Central American shipping canal across Central America in Nicaragua.


1909 30 – First Giro d'Italia bicycle race, starting and finishing in Milan; Luigi Ganna is the winner.