♂ Claude Guillaume Le Maistre

1611 - 1683


Delamater, de la Matre

Claude Guillaume Le Maistre
Hester Du Bois
Hester Du Bois
1625 - 1710
Jacobus Le Maistre
Jacobus Le Maistre
1665 - 1741

De Lamater genealogy

The ancestor of all who inherit the name De Lamater in the United States is Claude Le Maitre (De Lamater), a native of Richebourg in Artois, France, a scion of an ancient family in Picardy. He was a Huguenot who, like the Puritan of England, found in Holland a temporary home as well as a safe refuge from the storm of persecution that swept over both countries and drove thousands of the best families into exile. He located in Amsterdam, Holland, where, April 24, 1652, he married Hester, daughter of Pierre Du Bois, of that city. Claude and Hester Le Maitre came to America, where they resided at Flatbush, Long Island, from 1652 until 1662. Here four of their children were born. In 1662 they removed to Harlem, New York, which was their home the remainder of their days. Claude was one of the sturdy, successful pioneers of early New York. He secured lands by allotment and purchase; held various civil and church trusts; aided in the defense against hostile Indians; and by industry and thrift accumulated a fortune. He was of a determined and obstinate temperament. Between 1666 and 1673 he served four terms as magistrate. He died about 1683. Hester, his widow, survived him many years. Children, first four born at Flatbush:

  1. Jan (John), born 1653, died 1702; married Ruth, daughter of Resolved Waldron, and had six children.
  2. Abraham, born 1656, removed in early manhood with his brother Jacobus to Esopus (Kingston), Ulster county, New York; became an elder in the church, and prominent in public affairs; married (first) Celeste, daughter of Cornelius Vernoye; (second) Elsie Tappan; seven children.
  3. Isaac, born 1658; married Cornelia Evarts, of Albany, eight children, was deacon of the Harlem church; constable and commissioner.
  4. Susannah, born about 1660; married Albert Hermans Bussing, two children.
  5. Hester, born at Harlem, 1662; married Moses Le Count De Graf, and resided in Kingston.
  6. Jacobus, of further mention.

(II) Jacobus (James), youngest child of Claude and Hester (Du Bois) Le Maitre, was born at Harlem, about 1665, died 1741. In 1680 he settled at Kingston, New York, where he resided in the section called Marbletown, on a farm of two hundred and ninety-six acres bought in 1715. He was trustee of Kingston village, and a devout member of the Dutch Reformed church. He married, in 1688, at Kingston, Gertrude, daughter of Martin Cornelis Ysselsteyn, of Claverack. Children:

  1. Claude, of further mention.
  2. Isaac, born June 3, 1694, died at Amenia, 1775; he was known as Captain Isaac, served in the French and Indian war; was justice of the peace; married his cousin, Rebecca De Lamater.
  3. Martha, November 8, 1696.
  4. Jacobus, 1699.
  5. Martin, 1701, married Elizabeth Nottingham.
  6. Bata, 1705; married John Leg.
  7. Hester, 1706.
  8. Cornelius, 1708; married Catalyna Osterhout.
  9. Jannetke [Jannetje?], 1711; married Joris Middagh.
  10. Susannah, 1713; married Thomas Nottingham.

(III) Claude (2), eldest son of Jacobus and Gertrude (Ysselsteyn) De Lamater (as the name was then written), was born 1692, died at Claverack, New York, 1770. He resided on the farm at Claverack left him by his father, who divided the Marbletown farm between his sons Isaac and Martin. Claude De Lamater married Christina ————, and had sons: Jeremiah Jacobus, John, Dirck; daughters:

  1. Gertrude, married John M. Van Valkenburgh;
  2. Catalina Christina, married John Van Deusen;
  3. Rachel, married John Leggett.

(IV) Dirck, son of Claude (2) and Christina De Lamater, was born at Claverack, died at Greenport, New York. He married Thryntie Osterhout and had issue, including a son Claudius.

(V) Claudius, son of Dirck and Thryntie (Osterhout) De Lamater, was born at Claverack, later settling at Greenport, New York. He was a farmer, and a strong supporter of the Whig party. He married ———— Elting and had issue.

(VI) Tunis Osterhout, son of Claudius and ———— (Elting) De Lamater, was born in Greenport, Columbia county, New York, where he died. He was a Whig and Republican, and a member of the Dutch Reformed church. He married Mary (always known as Polly), daughter of Nicholas Decker, a prominent, wealthy farmer of the town, descendant of one of the old families of the Hudson Valley. Twelve children, seven of whom grew to maturity:

  1. Jane Ann.
  2. Henry, see forward.
  3. Christina, married Henry Scism.
  4. Harriet D., married, February 14, 1876, Jacob Mandeville Rivenburg, born June, 1835, died December, 1900, a prominent merchant of Hudson.
  5. George, of further mention.
  6. Albert, born in Greenport, New York, 1842, died at Hudson, June 18, 1900; a merchant of Hudson; Republican in politics, member of the Dutch Reformed church, and of the Masonic order; married Albertina, daughter of Jeremiah and Ann Sagendorph; children:
    1. Maud, married John Lee, now of Oklahoma; two children:
      1. Jeannette, died in infancy, and
      2. Agatha;
    2. Clarence, of Poughkeepsie.
    3. Jessie, graduate of State Normal College, Albany, class of 1899; teacher in the public schools of New York City;
    4. Jennie, twin of Jessie, graduate of the Nurses' Training School, Hudson Hospital.
  7. Mary Adalah, married Luke Wynds, now a retired educator living in Fishkill, New York.

(VII) George, son of Tunis Osterhout and Mary (Decker) De Lamater, was born in Greenport, Columbia county, New York, June 17, 1838. He has followed farming on a very large scale and is an extensive and successful stock breeder and dealer. His farming operations included a large dairy, although the feature is not now so prominent. He is an ardent Republican, and supporter of the Methodist Episcopal church. He married, in 1865, Sarah Louise, daughter of Dr. Richard Henry Mesick, of Mellenville, a prominent physician noted for his skill and liberal treatment of those unable to pay for his services. Dr. Mesick married (first) ————; married (second) Mary Groot, of a prominent family of the town of Ghent; she died at the age of forty-five years; married (third) Mary, daughter of Dr. Elton Palmer, of Mellenville. Sarah Louise is the daughter of Dr. Mesick and his second wife, Mary Groot. Children of George and Sarah Louise De Lamater:

  1. Harriet, married Martin H. Simmons, of Hillsdale, New York; children: Blanche Louise, a teacher, and Myrtle, a senior at Hillsdale Free School.
  2. Harry, born August, 1867, a progressive, successful farmer of Hillsdale; married, March 19, 1894, Valona Tyler.
  3. Andrew, August 25, 1870, educated at Troy Business College and for twelve years bookkeeper for his uncle, Jacob Rivenburg; now with the Van Deusen Company of Hudson.
  4. Wilbur Mesick, January 22, 1880; a successful modern farmer with farm in Hillsdale; married Lillian, daughter of James and Philena (Dickey) Benner; children:
    1. Ira George, born April, 1909;
    2. Douglas, May, 1910.
  5. Ira George, of further mention.

(VIII) Ira George, son of George and Sarah Louise (Mesick) De Lamater, was born on the homestead farm (where his parents have lived ever since their marriage and where all their children were born) at Hillsdale, New York, September 1, 1883. He was educated in the public schools of Hillsdale and New Paltz Normal School, spending three years at the latter institution and graduating with honor, class of 1904. On the high recommendation of the principal of his alma mater, he secured a position as teacher and for two years taught at Hillsdale. Not being satisfied with a teacher's life he took a course at Eastman's Business College, took the necessary examinations, and was appointed, February 1, 1909, clerk in the railway mail service with headquarters at Albany. He has also land and farming interests that are cared for by others. He is a Republican in politics, and a member of the North Hillsdale Methodist Episcopal Church. He is unmarried.

(VII) Henry De Lamater, eldest son of Tunis Osterhout (q. v.) and Mary (Decker) De Lamater, was born at the homestead farm in Columbia county, New York, January 7, 1820; died at Hudson, New York, April 5, 1900. He was educated in the public schools and spent his minor years on the farm. He later learned the carpenter trade and became a well-known contractor and builder. In connection with his trade and building operations, he owned and operated a farm in the town. He was a man of quiet tastes and habits; a member of the Dutch Reformed church, and a supporter of the Republican party. He figured little in public official life beyond serving as commissioner of highways. His character was of the highest and no man was more truly respected. He married, December 5, 1849, Cornelia, twin sister of Cornelius F. Moul. Children, five dying in infancy:

  1. Charles, deceased.
  2. Richard, born in Greenport, March 6, 1855; educated in the public schools, worked with his father on the farm, also learned the trade of carpenter; at the age of twenty-three years he went to Texas where he spent several years; then returned to Greenport where he was associated with his father in contracting and building; since 1900 he has been in business alone; he is a Republican in politics; he married, August 8, 1902, Anna M., daughter of Philip Coons, of Germantown; no issue.
  3. Frank Spoor, of further mention.
  4. Mary Louise, married, December 12, 1882, Charles Henry, son of Charles and Frances Bronk, and grandson of Henry and Anna (Sharp) Bronk, of Stuyvesant Landing, New York, and grandson of Foy Bronk, a descendant of Jonas Bronk, one of the founders of upper New York in the region now known as the "Bronx"; Mr. Bronk resides in Hudson, where he is engaged in the jewelry business; children:
    1. Edward Henry, born March 15, 1884; in New York Central railroad employ, married, December 19, 1905, Blanche Wescott;
    2. Bessie Louise, born January 31, 1889, died October 16, 1889;
    3. Florence Cornelia, born December 20, 1894, died February 13, 1895.

(VIII) Frank Spoor, third son of Henry and Cornelia (Moul) De Lamater, was born in Greenport, Columbia county, New York, on the home farm, September 17, 1856. He was educated in the public schools, and remained on the farm with his parents until 1879, when he purchased the homestead farm of his father, and until 1887 remained there, engaged in cultivating his own acres. In that year he removed to the city of Hudson. He had learned the carpenter's trade during the years spent with his father, and after his removal to Hudson worked at this trade, becoming a well-known building contractor. He has always been a Republican in politics, and while living in Greenport served as commissioner of highways, town clerk and inspector of elections; in 1887 he was appointed deputy sheriff of Columbia county, holding that position three years. He married, May 20, 1879, at Hudson, Mary A., born April 12, 1856, daughter of Thomas and Harriet (Clum) Lasher, of Germantown, New York, a descendant of Sebastian Loescher (Lasher).

The Lasher Line

Little is known further of Sebastian Loescher (Lasher) than he was in all probability a German; was at West Camp, now town of Saguerties, Ulster county, New York, in 1710; was in the list willing to stay at Livingston Manor, East Camp, now Germantown, Columbia county, on lands surveyed to them, date of August 26, 1724, and that his wife's name was Elizabeth. Children:

  1. Sebastian, born 1696, married Elizabeth Livingston and had nine children.
  2. Conrad, of further mention.
  3. George, married Elizabeth Hemmon and had eight children.
  4. Maria Elizabeth, born April (June) 1, 1710.

(II) Conrad, son of Sebastian and Elizabeth Lasher, was born in 1708. He married Angeline Sestis and had children, baptized at Athens, Germantown and Rhinebeck, New York:

  1. Gerrit, baptized December 29, 1723; lived at Germantown and served in the Eleventh Regiment, Albany county militia, during the revolution.
  2. Sebastian, of further mention.
  3. John, baptized November 27, 1733; married, April 6, 1756, Christina Holtzappel.
  4. Anna Maria, baptized March 6, 1735, died March 15, 1813.
  5. George, baptized January 1, 1739.
  6. Conrad, baptized January 18, 1741.

(III) Sebastian (2), son of Conrad and Angeline (Sestis) Lasher, was baptized 1729. He married Margaret Schumacher, April 4, 1748, and lived at Germantown, New York. Children:

  1. Conrad B., baptized August 2, 1749, died 1824; served as a soldier of the revolution in the Tenth Regiment, Albany county militia, and was later second lieutenant of the First Regiment, Dutchess county troops; he married Catharine Clum.
  2. John B., baptized November 28, 1756, died 1834; he was a soldier of the revolution, serving in the Eleventh Regiment, Albany county militia; married Annie Moore.
  3. Jacob B., of further mention.
  4. Philip B., baptized October 29, 1774; married Catharine Moore; four children.
  5. George B., died 1849; was a soldier of the revolution, serving in the Eleventh Regiment, Albany county militia; married Christina Clum.
  6. Christina.
  7. Peter B., married Gertrude Lasher.
  8. Sebastian.
  9. Mark, married Christina Best.
  10. Adam, married Catharine Schoonmaker.

(IV) Jacob B., son of Sebastian (2) and Margaret (Schumacher) Lasher, was baptized August 22, 1773, died 1857. He made his will May 5, 1853, proved July 9, 1857. He married (first) Maria Saulpaugh (second), when about fifty-seven years of age, Catherine, widow of Jacob Finger. Children, all by first wife:

  1. Maria, baptized June 8, 1799.
  2. Jacob (2), baptized June 17, 1801; married Catharine Malinda Rifenberg.
  3. Elizabeth, baptized November 12, 1805, died 1831.
  4. Elias, baptized July 3, 1808; married Polly E. Rockefeller.
  5. Thomas, of further mention.
  6. Sally, baptized May 20, 1815, married Jacob I. Lasher.
  7. Ephraim, baptized July 19, 1818; married Jane A. Cole.

(V) Thomas, son of Jacob B. and Maria (Saulpaugh) Lasher, was baptized April 17, 1812, died October 21, 1881. He was a resident of Germantown, New York. He married, December 4, 1839, Harriet Clum, born November 16, 1816, died November 28, 1874. Children:

  1. Cyrus, born February 17, 1841; married, in 1862, Ella Gaul, and resided at East Greenbush, New York.
  2. Eugene, born March 27, 1843; married, in 1873, Mary L. Tomlinson, and removed to Webster City, Iowa.
  3. Jacob C., born January 7, 1845; married Katherine E. Van Bramer, and lived in Webster City, Iowa; children: Irving and T. Earl.
  4. Caroline, born August 28, 1846; married, 1873, Charles S. Pratt, and lived in Pittsfield, Massachusetts; child, Mary A.
  5. Thomas, born March 31, 1850; lives at Webster City, Iowa, unmarried.
  6. Frances, born May 5, 1853; married, in 1874, Charles Van Buren, and lived at Wilmington, Delaware; child, Harriet.
  7. Mary A., born April 12, 1856; married, May 20, 1879, Frank Spoor De Lamater; child,
    1. Alice Cornelia, born June 27, 1883, educated in the public and high school of Hudson, learned telegraphy; now (1911) manager of the Hudson offices of the Western Union Telegraph Company.