♂ Edward Sherman Miller

1866 - 1942


Eddie, Edder

Edward Sherman Miller
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Jemima Murry
Jemima Murry
1830 - 1888
John Logan Miller
John Logan Miller
1832 - 1903
Lucinda C Summerville
Lucinda C Summerville
1867 - 1923
John Guy Miller
John Guy Miller
1896 - 1966
Harvey Bruce Miller
Harvey Bruce Miller
1903 - 1981


Age: 19y
1886 • Portugal and France agree to regulate the borders of their colonies in Guinea.


Age: 29y
1896 • Eleven years after its foundation, a group of 12 purely industrial stocks were chosen to form the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The index was composed entirely of industrial shares for the first time.[http://articles.philly.com/1995-02-24/news/25702996_1_blue-chip-stocks-industrial-shares-index Dow Record Book Adds Another First]. Philly.com. Retrieved 2013-07-08.


Jan 5
Age: 36y
1903 • The Lincoln-Lee Legion is established to promote the American temperance movement and signing of alcohol abstinence pledges by children.


May 9
Age: 43y
1910 • Second NAACP meeting is held in New York.


Apr 16
Age: 73y
1940 • President Roosevelt, at his regular press conference, first sets forth the outline of his plan to send aid to Great Britain that will become known as Lend-Lease.


Apr 3
Age: 75y
1942 • WWII: Legislation approved the Coast Guard Women’s Reserve to help fill jobs and free men to serve during the war effort. They were known as the SPARs - Semper Paratus, Always Ready!