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My ancestor, Henry Frakes Jr. was the son of Henry Frakes Sr. and Eleanor
Watkins who was the daughter of Evan Watkins, the "Ferryboatman" at what is now
Williamsport, MD. Henry married Hannah Daughterty who was born approx. 1765 in
either Ireland or Penna. I know nothing about this woman although I have
looked for her for years. Daughterty is too common a name in PA and KY. They
had a lot of children including Hannah Frakes born 1782 in what is now Greene
County, PA and who married Thomas McKee in 1801 in Hardin County, KY. They
moved to Harrison County, KY by 1810. Sometime before Dec 1818 when Illinois
became a State, they were in what is now Sangamon County. Their dau, Hannah Agnes
("Nancy") married my second great grandfather, Garrett Wyckoff in May 1823
(the second couple to be married in Springfield, IL). They moved with the
McKees to Schuyler County, IL. I believe Thomas went to Birmingham and I know that
Garrett and family went to Oregon (now Littleton), Schuyler County. There
was also a daughter named Cassie born 1784, Greene County, PA who married
William McKee, Thomas' brother. They later came to Schuyler approx 1823-1825. They
lived in Crawford County, IN. There was a brother named Alexander who was in
the Black Hawk Indian War of the 1830's and later got donation land in
Oregon. There was a Dorcas and a number of other children. Henry Jr. died in
Hardin County, KY 1801 and his father died in Washington County , PA 1790's (I
believe 1796). It is in the tax records of Washington County, PA which I saw
when I was in Harrisburg, PA State Archives in 1996. Annie

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> Do you have any info on Hannah Frakes, wife of Henry Frakes, b1775, in
> Louisa co., Va. She was Hannah Daugherty. b 1760-65. They were in Pa. Had
> children there, then went on to Ky. Would appreciate any info . I think
> Henry's father was Henry, and his mother was Polly Williams. Thanks. M
> Meaders
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> M. Meaders,
> I have a little bit of information on Henry and Hannah Frakes, which came
> from one of their descendants. My line ties into Robert "Big Bob" Frakes
> who was a brother to Henry. I've not proven the information on Henry Frakes
> which you inquire about, but I believe Henry was born quite a bit earlier
> than 1775. According to what I have Henry and Hannah (Daugherty) Frakes had
> at least 3 children, Henry Frakes III, Hannah born about 1782 and Cassandra
> born about 1783. The information I have would indicate Henry would have
> been born at least around 1764 since his daughter Hannah was born in 1782
> (1764+18=1782). My info indicates Henry died on December 14, 1801 in Hardin
> County, Kentucky. Henry Frakes Jr. fathers name was also Henry Frakes, but
> I show his mother as Eleanor Watkins.
> I'd like you or someone on this list to examine this information and either
> verify it, or provide me corrected information. Thanks.
> Bill DeGarmo

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