Jesse Irish
Jonathan Irish
Jonathan Irish
1678 - 1732
Mary Taylor
Mary Taylor
1682 - 1743
John Irish
John Irish
???? - 1777

Jesse Irish - Biography

Born in America 1712 – 3rd generation

Jesse Irish was born in Little Compton in the Plymouth Colony on 26th of September in 1712. One of six children born to Jonathan Irish and Mary Taylor and raised in Little Compton. He married Mary Albee in Mendon, Massachusetts on the 21st of March in 1732 (age 19,) and they moved to Westerly, Rhode Island where their first two children Susannah in 1734 and David in 1735 were born.  In 1737 Jesse was listed as a Freemen and farmer in Westerly.  This was the same year Jesse and Mary moved to Nine Partners, Duchess, New York where 11 more children were born. William in 1737,  Jesse in 1739, Mary in 1741, Peter, 1743, *John in 1745, Hannah 1747 **JONATHAN in 1749, Sarah 1751, Abel 1753, Martha 1756 and Stephen Irish in 1759. (8 boys & 5 girls.)


It is believed that Jesse moved once again in 1768, relocating his family from Nine Partners, New York to along the Otter Creek in Danby, Vermont (SEE NEW ENGLAND.) Jesse Irish was the first settler on a farm in the northern part of the town of Danby. The Irish Family were quiet and unassuming members of the Quaker Community and Jesse and his sons remained neutral when the war first broke out in 1775 between the British and the American Colonists. However in July of 1777 his son, John Irish (SEE SHORT STORIES) was murdered having been accused of being a Tory (An American who favored the British side,) and another son, Abel was taken from his bed and abused by the Patriots. After John’s murder Jesse went with his surviving sons to procure protection papers at the British head-quarters some 20 miles away in Skenesborough, New York. On reaching Fort Skeneborough which was at present in the hands of the British, Jesse presented himself to General Burgoyne, saying “here is thy servant Jesse and his seven sons,” whereupon promising to either join the British army or remain quietly at home.  Jesse received the General’s gracious protection and returned home a broken man. Jesse died shortly thereafter in Danby in 1778 at age 68. Two more of his sons William and David were imprisoned for a time.  Sometime after John’s murder his property north of Danby was sold to Ernest Noble, who told John’s widow she had twelve days to get out. Rebecca left on foot with her three small children to Danby.  John Irish is believed to be buried in the Noble Cemetery at 482 North End Road in Tinmouth, Rutland, Vermont. In 1783 after Britain was forced to recognize America’s Independence the Irish Family long ago suspected of rendering aide to the British Army had their lands in Danby, Vermont  confiscated. I have read no proof that Jesse Irish and his eight sons aided the British and I do not believe they were Tories!



Born in America Born in America 17103rd & 4th generation

was born on 12 April 1710 in Mendon, Massachusetts (SEE NEW ENGLAND.) Her parents were James Albee Jr. and Mary Thayer. She married Jesse Irish in 1732 and was the mother of his 13 children. Mary died on the 29 May in 1792 in Danby, Vermont at age 82.