♂ John Irish

1745 - 1777

John Irish
Lucretia Irish
Lucretia Irish
1772 - 1850

John Irish, suspected of being a Tory, was shot and killed by General Clark, who suspected John was plotting against the Whigs




1745 • Jacobite rising: Jacobites enter Edinburgh; six days later, Charles Edward Stuart proclaims his father James Francis Edward Stuart as James VIII of Scotland.


Age: 23y
Irish Family - New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial - Volume 3


Danby, Vermont, USA ⇓
Jesse and Mary Irish left from Nine Partners, New York, with their seven sons, including John, to make a new home at Danby. Jesse became a prominent pioneer, and his farm later became known as the Nelson-Colvin Place.
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1768 New Smyrna, Florida, the largest attempt at colonization by the British in the New World, is founded by Dr. Andrew Turnbull.


Age: 27y


They were married as John Irish was on his way north from Nine Partners, and settled in Tinmouth.
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1772 Basque-Spanish explorer Domingo de Bonechea in the Aguila sights Tauere atoll which he names San Simon y Judas.


Age: 32y


Tinmouth, Vermont, USA ⇓
He was shot and killed by Lt. Isaac Clark, who was part of a scouting party under Captain Isaac Allen, during the revolutionary war, after suspicion that rose that he was a Tory. However, being a Quaker, he was likely not involved with the war. There are multiple versions of the events leading up to his death, however his wife gave a detailed personal account.
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1777 • The 2nd edition of Encyclopædia Britannica is published.