Rachel Holden

1779 - 1823

Rachel Holden
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Josiah J Eastman
Josiah J Eastman
1779 - 1868
Mary Eastman
Mary Eastman
1804 - 1845

Her and her husband, as well as Thomas Munsell Sr. were some of the first settlers of Licking County, Ohio.



Dec 5
Age: 26y
Thomas Munsell - 1830 United States Federal Census

birth of child

Mary Eastman
Corinth, Orange, Vermont, USA ⇓
She was born between 1800 and 1810 considering the 1830 & 1840 U.S. censuses, but if Josiah Eastman's 1820 census is taken into account, she would have been 16 or under in 1820. She was likely born around 1804.
This matches the Vermont birth record.
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Age: 36y


Licking, Ohio, USA ⇓
Josiah was one of the first settlers there along with Thomas Munsell Sr.
"...In 1815 came Jonathan Atwood, Knowles Linnel, William Hastings, Isaac Longwell, Aaron Park, J Josiah Eastman, David Wright, J: R. Curtis, Stephen Emerson, John McCreary, Thomas Munsell, Daniel Vail, Japhet Sherman, and Abram Mayfield."
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October 15, 1815 Napoleon begins his exile on Saint Helena in the Atlantic Ocean.


Age: 41y
Josiah Eastman - 1820 United States Federal Census


St. Albans, Licking, Ohio, USA ⇓
Josiah and Rachel Eastman are living six houses away from Thomas Munsell Sr, father of Mary Eastman's husband Thomas Munsell Jr.
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Dec 25
Age: 45y


St. Albans, Licking, Ohio, USA ⇓
Buried at Alexandria, Licking, Ohio, in Maple Grove Cemetery.
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1823 • Beginning of the first Anglo-Ashanti war.