♀ Susannah

1653 - 1724

David Anderson
David Anderson
1668 - 1716
David Anderson
David Anderson
1698 - 1735

Her first husband, Cornelius Dabney, was the interpreter and close companion of Chieftess Cockacoeske, leader of the Pamunkey Indians, and widow of Chief Totopotomoi, a grandson of one of the sisters of Chief Powhatan, the father of Pocahontas.  The David Anderson family of Stafford Co., VA also had close ties with the family of John West of Stafford, said to be a son of Chieftess Cockacoeske.  Some have theorized Susannah to be a granddaughter of the Chieftess, although this has not been proven.





Age: 44y
1697 • The Treaty of Ryswick signed by France and the Grand Alliance to end both the Nine Years' War and King William's War. The conflict having been inconclusive, the treaty is proposed because the combatants have exhausted their national treasuries. Louis XIV recognises William III as King of England & Scotland and both sides return territories they have taken in battle. In North America, the treaty returns Port Royal (Nova Scotia) to France. In practice, the treaty is little more than a truce; it does not resolve any of the fundamental colonial problems and the peace lasts only five years.


Age: 45y


Jun 18
Age: 71y
1724 • King Philip V of Spain abdicates the throne in favour of his 16-year old son Louis I.