William Stanley Johnson
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Lula Bell Miller
Lula Bell Miller
1880 - 1968
Madeline Ella Ford
Madeline Ella Ford
1910 - 1997
Chan Miller Johnson
Chan Miller Johnson
1913 - 1988


Jan 2
Age: 14y
1920 The New York Times ridicules the American rocket scientist Robert H. Goddard. The newspaper has to recant publicly on July 17, 1969 when the Apollo crew is on its mission to the Moon.


Apr 7
Age: 23y
1928 19 – The 1928 Winter Olympics are held in St. Moritz, Switzerland, the first as a separate event. Sonja Henie of Norway wins her first gold medal in women's figure skating.


Nov 19
Age: 28y
1933 • President Franklin Roosevelt signs an amendment to the Volstead Act known as the Cullen-Harrison Act, allowing the manufacture and sale of "3.2 beer" (3.2% alcohol by weight, approximately 4% alcohol by volume) and light wines."Roosevelt Authorizes Beer Sale By Signing Bill For 3.2 Brew", Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 23, 1933, p.1.


Jun 26
Age: 79y
1984 • Aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger, astronaut Kathryn D. Sullivan becomes the first American woman to perform a space walk.




Lawson, Ray County, Missouri, USA ⇓
Buried at the Lawson Cemetery in Missouri, Plot: Section D, Row 36
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1984 • A year-long strike action begins in the British coal industry (see UK Miners' Strike (1984-1985)).