Alta Janetta Miller
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George Jacob Simon
George Jacob Simon
1875 - 1964
Estella Mary Miller
Estella Mary Miller
1878 - 1924
Lula Bell Miller
Lula Bell Miller
1880 - 1968
Charles Dewitt Miller
Charles Dewitt Miller
1887 - 1981


Feb 5
1874 Battle of Castellfullit de la Roca (Third Carlist War): Appointed to command the Spanish Republican army in the north, General Ramón Nouvilas attempted to relieve the Carlist siege of Olot in Gerona. But at Castellfullit de la Roca, in one of the Government’s worst defeats, Nouvilas was routed by Carlist General Francisco Savalls, and captured along with about 2,000 of his men. Olot capitulated two days later.


Apr 2
Age: 66y
George Jacob Simon - 1940 United States Federal Census


Memphis, Scotland County, Missouri, USA ⇓
George lived at 140 West Jefferson Street in Memphis. Alta's mother, Harriet Madison Jenkins is living with them at 85 years old shortly before her death.
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1940 Take It or Leave It makes its debut on CBS Radio, with Bob Hawk as host.