♂ Barent Jacobzen

1610 - 1671



Barent Jacobzen


May 18


Amsterdam, Holland ⇓
Baptised at Saint Catherine's Church. This church is also where royal weddings took place.
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1610 Jamestown, Virginia: Acting as temporary Governor, Thomas Gates, along with John Rolfe, Captain Ralph Hamor, Sir George Somers, and other survivors from the Sea Venture (wrecked at Bermuda) arrive at Jamestown; they find that 60 have survived the "starving time" (winter), the fort palizadoes and gates have been torn down, and empty houses have been used for firewood, in fear of attacks by natives outside the fort area.


Jun 8
Age: 23y
Barent Jacobsen Cool - 1633 June 8: Agreement for a Trading House on the Connecticut River (Pre-Minute Books documents)


New Amsterdam, New York, USA ⇓
Barent Jacobsen Cool sailed to New Amsterdam in the services of the Dutch West-India Company, on one of his sailings possibly from Amsterdam as a sailor in late 1632 on the ship Soutberg, which arrived in April 1633 with 140 soldiers. At this time, New Amsterdam, or New York City, only had a population of around 400-500. On June 8, he and six others signed a treaty with the Sickename Indians to purchase land on the Connecticut River. The cost was recorded as 27 rolls of cloth, 6 axes, 6 kettles, 18 knives, and other articles. Barent's group also built a trading house called "The House of Good Hope" or "Huys de Hoop" and fortified it with several cannons. This was done to halt English exploration of the land.
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1633 • Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu of Japan outlaws Christianity and begins a policy of extreme isolationism.


Age: 27y


New Amsterdam, New York, USA ⇓
Barent sailed on the ship Den Dolphyn to New Amsterdam early that year with his father-in-law, Leendert Arentsen DeGrauw. It is presumed that his wife and her brothers and sisters were also on board. On April 19 the crew of the Den Dolphyn made a formal complaint to the provincial secretary about how the ship leaked during the voyage and that the captain had not provided enough food for the passengers. Barent and DeGrauw testified that several children belonging to Jan Schepmoes and his wife didn't receive enough food.
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1638 Patriarch Cyril of Constantinople is deposed for high treason and strangled and thrown into the sea by Janissaries on Ottoman Sultan Murad IV's command.


Age: 33y


From 1638 until 1644 he was captain of the yacht Amsterdam, and he sailed the Hudson River, also acting as a river pilot for other boats.
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1644 English Civil WarBattle of Marston Moor: The Parliamentarians crush the Royalists, ending Charles I's hold on the north of England.


Apr 14
Age: 46y


New Amsterdam, New York, USA ⇓
Barent was enrolled as a burgher of New Amsterdam and took an oath to the States-General of the United Netherlands, to the Dutch West India Company, and to its Director-General.
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1657 • The first eleven Quaker settlers arrive in New Amsterdam (later New York) and are allowed to practice their faith.


Jul 17
Age: 55y


New Amsterdam, New York, USA ⇓
On April 13, 1654, Barent became a wine and beer carrier for the Dutch West India Company. He watched the company warehouse and was appointed by the New Amsterdam burgomasters as an exciseman. He, along with Joost Goderus, boarded ships in New Amsterdam, searched their contents, and levied duty on the goods they found. In 1664, he "took the oath to the King [of England] 21-26 Oct 1664 after the conquest of New Netherland." On 17 July 1665 he was called Elder of the Beer Porters.
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1665 • Colonisation of Réunion begins with the French East India Company sending twenty settlers.


Oct 21
Age: 61y


The last record for Barent is his being listed as sponsor in Nieuw-Amsterdam at the baptism of his grandson Johannes Willems van Vreedenberg.
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1671 • In Rome, Pope Clement X canonizes Rose of Lima, making her the first Catholic saint of the Americas.