Henry Miller

1726 - 1798

Henry Miller
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Rebecca Boggs
Rebecca Boggs
1736 - 1816

Henry Miller was born thirty-seven years after the terrible siege, in which were his father and kindred; and in which it is said, the Montgomerys, and Millers, distinguished themselves. In 1770 he bought, from the Greenlee Grant, made by the English Crown, about 400 acres of land, two and one half miles east of the Natural Bridge, and three miles north of James river; and built thereon a substantial dwelling, of hewn oak logs. He was largely instrumental in having built, on his place, the twelve cornered church, of which the first pastor was the Rev. William Baldridge. Henry Miller was a man of deep religious convictions. He sometimes walked ten miles, to attend religious worship, and hear the Gospel preached.



December 24, 1726 • The city of Montevideo is founded by the Spaniards.


Nov 1
Age: 34y
June 4, 1760 Great Upheaval: New England planters arrive to claim land in Nova Scotia taken from the Acadians.


Age: 52y


Age: 72y
July 1, 1798 Napoleon's troops land in Egypt.



Rockbridge County, Virginia, USA ⇓
Buried at the Miller-Irwin Cemetery, Rockbridge County, Virginia, USA
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July 11, 1798 • The United States Marine Corps is re/established.