Johannes Van Deusen

1728 - 1803



Johannes Van Deusen
Ariaantje Muller
Ariaantje Muller
1696 - 1772
Tobias Robertsen Van Deusen
Tobias R Van Deusen
1696 - 1781

Johannes was a resident of Claverack, NY during most of his life, though he died at Coxsackie, Greene County, NY where he appears to have been at some point after the Revolutionary War, of which he was an active participant.  According to the testimony of his son Gloude, He was chairman of the Committee of Safety for the town of Claverack.  He resided in a large brick house which was used as a fort during the war.


May 30


Claverack, Columbia, New York, USA ⇓
Had a twin brother Cornelis, and also a sister Heltjye one year older born on the same day.
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February 28, 1728 • At the Battle of Palkhed, Maratha Peshwa Baji Rao I defeats the Mughal Governor of Deccan, Nizam-ul-Mulk.


Sep 27
Age: 26y

birth of child

Gloude Van Deusen


Dec 27
Age: 29y

birth of child

Cornelis Van Deusen
August 3, 1757 August 9French and Indian War: A French army under Louis-Joseph de Montcalm forces the English to surrender Fort William Henry. The French army's Indian allies slaughter the survivors for unclear reasons.


Aug 15
Age: 31y

birth of child

Ariaentje Van Deusen


Nov 14
Age: 33y

birth of child

John Van Deusen
1761 July 17 - The first section of the Bridgewater Canal is opened, for the transportation of coal from local mines to Manchester.BBC History, July 2011, p 12


Feb 3
Age: 41y


Age: 74y

birth of child

John V Van Deusen
August 3, 1803 • The British begin the Second Anglo-Maratha War against Sindhia of Gwalior.


Oct 14
Age: 75y
March 9, 1803 Aargau becomes a Swiss canton.