♂ Johannes Van Deusen

1728 - 1803



Johannes Van Deusen
Ariaantje Muller
Ariaantje Muller
1696 - 1772
Tobias Robertsen Van Deusen
Tobias R Van Deusen
1696 - 1781

Johannes was a resident of Claverack, NY during most of his life, though he died at Coxsackie, Greene County, NY where he appears to have been at some point after the Revolutionary War, of which he was an active participant.  According to the testimony of his son Gloude, He was chairman of the Committee of Safety for the town of Claverack.  He resided in a large brick house which was used as a fort during the war.


May 30


Claverack, Columbia, New York, USA ⇓
Had a twin brother Cornelis, and also a sister Heltjye one year older born on the same day.
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1728 • At the Battle of Palkhed, Maratha Peshwa Baji Rao I defeats the Mughal Governor of Deccan, Nizam-ul-Mulk.


Sep 27
Age: 26y

birth of child

Gloude Van Deusen
1754 • Surveyor William Churton lays out what will become the county seat of Orange County, North Carolina. The town is named Corbin Town for Francis Corbin, a member of the North Carolina governor's council. Corbin Town is renamed Childsburgh in 1759 and finally Hillsborough in 1766.


Dec 27
Age: 29y

birth of child

Cornelis Van Deusen
1757 Battle of Khresili: King Solomon I of Imereti defeats the Ottoman army and an allied faction of nobles in what is now western Georgia.


Aug 15
Age: 31y

birth of child

Ariaentje Van Deusen
1759 • The British Museum opens (after 6 years of development).


Nov 14
Age: 33y

birth of child

John Van Deusen
1761 • A second earthquake occurs in North London, Hampstead and Highgate.


Jul 12
Age: 36y
1764 • The Royal Colony of North Carolina establishes a new county from the eastern portion of Granville County and names it Bute County for John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute, who had recently resigned his post as Prime Minister of Great Britain. In 1779 the State of North Carolina abolishes the county when it forms Warren County from the northern portion and Franklin County from the southern portion.


Feb 3
Age: 41y
1770 Boston Massacre: Eleven Americans are shot, five fatally, by British troops in an event that helps start the American Revolutionary War five years later.


Age: 74y

birth of child

John V Van Deusen
1803 Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Elgin begins removal of the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon in Athens where they are at risk of destruction during the Ottoman occupation of Greece.