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1776 - 1857

Michael Plaster
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Charity Williams
Charity Williams
1730 - 1804
Michael Plaster
Michael Plaster
1730 - 1803
Anna Murphy
Anna Murphy
1780 - 1850
Michael Plaster
Michael Plaster
1813 - 1892


Oct 12
1776 • American Revolution: Gen. George Washington orders the first issue of The Crisis read to his troops on Christmas Eve, then at 6 p.m. all 2600 of them march to McKonkey's Ferry, cross the Delaware River and land on the Jersey bank at 3 a.m.


Aug 26
Age: 36y
1813 War of 1812Battle of Crysler's Farm: An outnumbered British–Canadian force repels an American attack, forcing the Americans to give up their attempt to capture Montreal.


Age: 43y
1820 • The statue of the Venus de Milo (Aphrodite of Milos, c.150 BC-125 BC) is discovered on the Greek island of Milos by a peasant named Yorgos Kentrotas.


Age: 43y
Michael Plaster - 1820 United State Federal Census


Leesburg, Loudoun, Virginia, USA ⇓
There is a John (Jno) Murphy aged 45+ living on the same page.
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1820 Trienio Liberal in Spain: A constitutionalist military insurrection at Cádiz leads to the summoning of the Spanish Parliament (March 7).


Jun 5
Age: 60y
1837 • Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, later Mount Holyoke College, is founded in South Hadley, Massachusetts.


Age: 63y
1840 August Borsig's steam locomotive, the first built in Germany, competes against a Stephenson-built locomotive on the Berlin-Jüterbog railroad; the Borsig locomotive wins by 10 minutes.


Sep 24
Age: 73y


Feb 3
Age: 80y
1857 The Spirits' Book (Le Livre des Esprits), one of the Five Fundamental Works of Spiritism, is published by French educator Allan Kardec.