♀ Paulina C Davidson

1813 - 1885


Plinie, Pliny

Paulina C Davidson
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James D Davidson
James D Davidson
1789 - 1854
Mary Polly Johnson
Mary Polly Johnson
1796 - 1854
Robert H Billups
Robert H Billups
1816 - 1892


Age: 6y
James Davidson - 1820 United States Federal Census


Charlotte, Virginia, USA ⇓
One house away is William W Davidson. On the previous page is an Allen Davidson. They are both aged 26-45. William is one of five men living in the house aged 26-45.
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1820 • Construction work is completed on the Citadelle Laferrière in Haiti, the largest fortification in the Americas.


Aug 14
Age: 23y
1837 Michigan becomes the 26th state admitted to the United States.


Age: 36y
Robert H Billups & Paulina C Davidson - 1850 United States Federal Census


Miller, Scotland County, Missouri, USA ⇓
Robert is a farmer, and Paulina is a carpenter. Living on the same page are Silas Billups, William Billups, and John Davis Bourne and his family.
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1850 United States Senator Daniel Webster gives his "Seventh of March" speech in which he endorses the Compromise of 1850 in order to prevent a possible civil war.


Age: 46y
Paulina C Davidson & Robert H Billups - 1860 United States Federal Census


Miller, Scotland, Missouri, USA ⇓
Robert is a farmer, and their two oldest sons are millers. A Jas Parish age 21 is staying with them, possibly a boarder.
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1860 • Garibaldi again defeats the Neapolitan forces, advancing on Gaeta, the last remaining Neapolitan strong-point.


Age: 56y
1870 Infanticide is banned in India.


Jan 10
Age: 71y
1885 Luton Town Football Club are created by the merger of (Luton) Wanderers F.C. and Luton Excelsior F.C. in England.