Pieter Quackenbosch
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Pieter Janszoon Quackenbosch
Pieter J Quackenbosch
1590 - 1651
Nelletjen Pietersz
Nelletjen Pietersz
1590 - 1656
Maritje Ariens
Maritje Ariens
1614 - 1682


1614 Scottish mathematician John Napier publishes Mirifici Logarithmorum Canonis Descriptio (Description of the Admirable Table of Logarithms), outlining his discovery of logarithms and incorporating the decimal mark. Astronomer Johannes Kepler soon begins to employ logarithms in his description of the solar system.


Age: 26y
1640 • End of the Iberian Union: A revolution organized by the nobility and bourgeoisie causes John IV of Portugal to be acclaimed as king, thus ending 60 years of personal union of the crowns of Portugal and Spain, and the rule of the House of Habsburg (also called the Philippine Dynasty). The Spanish Habsburgs do not recognize Portugal's new dynasty, the House of Braganza, until the end of the Portuguese Restoration War in 1668.


Age: 32y
1646 Spain and the Netherlands sign a temporary cease fire in the war.


Jan 4
Age: 72y
1686 Russia, Saxony, Brandenburg and Bavaria join the Holy League against the Ottoman Turkish Empire. Imperial forces under Austrian leadership invade Ottoman-occupied Hungary and advance on Budapest.