Pieter Quackenbosch
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Pieter Janszoon Quackenbosch
Pieter J Quackenbosch
1590 - 1651
Nelletjen Pietersz
Nelletjen Pietersz
1590 - 1656
Maritje Ariens
Maritje Ariens
1614 - 1682
Quackenbush is a Dutch name. The first recorded use of the Quackenbush coat of arms was in 1529 by Dirk Aelbertszoon van Quackenbosch,  registered in the Leiden Armorial (1785). The motto "Vrede in Rykdom" (Peace in Wealth) was first used by his grandson Gerrit Aelbertszoon van Quackenbosch in 1578.Under the rules of heraldry, the right to bear a coat of arms passes only to the direct descendants of the bearer. Because some crucial links in the family history have been lost over the...
Pieter Quackenbosch b. about 1614 in Holland, the founder of Quackenbush family in America, was a brick maker in Albany, New York. Also known as Pieter Quackenbosch, Pieter Bont and sometimes as Pieter (or Piet) Bout. He probably left Holland for New Netherland in May of 1653 aboard the ship Graft. He came with his wife Maritje, son Johannes, born about 1642, son Wouter, born about 1644, son Reynier, born about 1652, daughter Maritje, born about 1640, and daughter Nelletje, born about 1650....