Pieter Quackenbosch
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Pieter Janszoon Quackenbosch
Pieter J Quackenbosch
1590 - 1651
Nelletjen Pietersz
Nelletjen Pietersz
1590 - 1656
Maritje Ariens
Maritje Ariens
1614 - 1682

From the Quackenbosch Bible

"Pieter Pieterzoon Quackenbosch-Bont, 1614~1686"

Records Taken From The: Quackenbosch/Quackenbush/Quakenboss Bible Dating Back to 500 A. D.

The family is of Royal Decent with a coat of arms. On the scroll it was written "VERDE IN RYKDOM" Interpretation "PEACE IN WEALTH "



BIRTH: 1545, Oegstgeest, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.
DEATH: 1611, Netherlands.
My 11th great-grandfather.
Abraham Married, Gerritje HARING
BIRTH: 1544,
DEATH: October 20, 1635, Valkenburg, San de Geul, Limburg, Netherlands.


1. Jannas (Jan) Pieterszoon Quackenbosch
BIRTH: 1565, Valkenburg, Valkenburg Aan De Geul, Limburg, Netherlands.
DEATH: 1594, Holland, Reusel-de Mierden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.
Marriage: 1588, Holland, Maria Van Gelder, 1570-1644, Valkenburg, South Holland, Netherlands.
Pieter Quackenbosch, Birth: 1590, Holland, Death: 1651, Holland
MARRIAGE: Nelletjen Pieters Van Starrevelt, 1613. Parents, Pieter Van Starrevelt, Born: 1539, Holland, Death: 1593, Holland.
Pieter Pieterzoon Quackenbosch
BIRTH: August 28, 1614, Oegstgeest-Zuid, Holland, Netherlands.
DEATH: January 4, 1686, Albany, Albany County, New York, British Colonial America.
BURIAL: 1686, Albany Rural Cemetery, New York, British Colonial America.

*Pieter Married: Maretje Arienso Dochter, 23 March 1639, Birth: 1617, Holland, Netherlands, Death: December 1682, Albany, New York, Reformed Protestant Church of Caughnawaga of Fonda, New York.*


1. (F) MARITJE QUACKENBOSCH, Birth: 1640, Oefstgeest, Zuid Holland, Holland, Netherlands, Death: December 1683, Constapel Island, Albany, New York.
BIRTH: September 23, 1642, Oegstgeest, Municipality, Zuid-Holland.
Death: May 26, 1720, Menands, Albany, New York, Colonial America.
BIRTH: 1644, Holland, DEATH: November 18, 1735.
4. (F) NEETJE (Petrinella) QUACKENBOSCH, BIRTH: 1650, Holland.
5. (M) REYNIER QUACKENBOSCH, BIRTH: 1652, Oestgeest, Holland.
6. (F) ANNETJE QUACKENBOSCH, BIRTH: 1658, Albany, New York.
7. (F) MAGDALENA QUACKENBOSCH, BIRTH: 1660, Albany, New York.
8. (F) JANNETJE QUACKENBOSCH, BIRTH: 1663 Albany New York, Death: 1748, Albany, New York, United States.


Pieter Quackenbosch "Bont", Born: August 28, 1614, Holland, was the founder of the Quackenbush family in America, was a brick maker in Albany, New York. Although early records of Albany contain several references to him as Pieter Quackenbosch, he is also frquently found under the name of Pieter Bont, and and sonetimes as Pieter (or Piet) Bout. The use of a second suname, or alias, was commonly found among the early Dutch settlers of New Netherland, as well as the frequent use of the Patronymic

Pieter and Maritje Quackenbosch left Holland for New Netherlands in May 7 of 1653 aboard the ship GRAFT.

The following letter from Edward Man and A. Pater, Directors of the West Indies Company, to Pieter Stuyvesant tell of the passengers on this ship:
"A" 1653, the 7th of May.

Honorable, Vigorous, Pious,
Dear and Faithful.
In the ship 'Graft' goes over Mr. Johan De Hulter, partner in the Colony of Renselaerswyck, and his family who takes with him a goodly number of free people, among some artisans, especially a very good brickmakers and many other mentioned in detail in the list, to settle either in said Colony, or elsewhere and assist in the cultibation of the soil there. As it is not yet quite decidedm where he may begin and as he may settle on Manhattans Island, where we believe it would be best, we have deemed it proper and just upon his request for a recommendation, because not known there, to direst you to favor him as far as possible without prejudice to the Company's interests and kindly assist him in everything; and if he should conclude to remain upon Manhattans or Long Island to allot for him so suitable a place, as his circumstances and the fitness of it for a brickyard require. Hereupon relying etc.
Amsterdam the 7th of May 1653
To Directeur Stuyvesant in New Netherland.

Pieter did not settle in New York City but instead accompanied Johan de Hulter to Albany, then known as Beverwyck. The first mention of Pieter Quackenbosch in the Albany records occurs the following year, 1 December 1654, in the court minutes of Fort Orange and Beverwyck, where it stated that "Jan Gouw cut Piet Bout (Quackenbosch) across the hand," evidently in the course of a fight.
Johan de Hulter established various businesses in Albany, including a brick kiln and a tile kiln, but died just a few years after his arrival. De Hulter probably put Pieter Quackenbosch in charge of the operation of the brick kiln, as evidence by the following excerpt from the Fort Orange and Beverwyck court records of 29 May 1657:
"Pieter Bont, Plaintiff, against Pieter Boxboom, defendant.

The plaintiff says that the defendant is bound to burn brick for him for the period of ten months, exhibiting a contract made between Mr De Hulter, deceased, and the defend.
The defendant on the other hand produces an absolute release from Madam Johanna, Widow of the said Mr De Hulter, deceased. " The court, having examined the contract and the release, adjudge that the defendant is released from his contract by virtue of the release."
Pieter is first mentioned as "Pieter Quackenbosch" in the court minutes of Fort Orange and Beverwyck on 20 August 1657, again as a plaintiff agains Pieter Bosboom. Still another complaint was filed against Bosboom on 8 Febuary 1658, this time by "Pieter Bout's wife." In 7 November 1657, Johanna De Hulter announced her intention to sell at public auction her brick kiln, tile kiln, house, barn, pasture and other pieces of property apparently left to her by ber husband. The brick kiln was sold to the highest bidder, Adrian Jansen Van Ilpendam, for the sum of 1,100 guilders. At the same time, At the same time, Madame de Hulter also sold "at public sale, the house where Piet Bout dwills" to Aernoldus Van Curler. Peter bought the Kline for 1,200 Gilders and 4 beaver pelts form Aernoldus Van Curler.


JOHANNES PIETERSE QUACKENBOSCH, son of Pieter and Maritje Quackenbosch, Born: 1642, Oegstgeest, Zuid,Holland, Netherlands. Death: 1720, Canastogione, Albany, New York.
Married: Magtelt Janse POST, 1667, Albany, New York, Born: 1650, Albany, New York, Died: 1698, Albany, New York, Father: Jans POST. Machteld Jans Post, Parents Captain Adriaen and Claartje (Moockers) Post, who came from the Hague in the Netherlands to Staten Island in 1650.
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