♀ Margaret Cravens

1814 - 1906


Mary, Conley

Margaret Cravens
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John C Cravens
John C Cravens
1760 - 1850
Mary Carlyle
Mary Carlyle
1773 - 1866
William Washington Jenkins
William W Jenkins
1838 - 1919
David Cravens Jenkins
David Cravens Jenkins
1840 - 1871
Mary Melvina Jenkins
Mary Melvina Jenkins
1841 - 1925
Eleven Jenkins
Eleven Jenkins
1843 - 1924
John Seldon Jenkins
John Seldon Jenkins
1845 - 1922
Rodney King Jenkins
Rodney King Jenkins
1848 - 1891
Priscilla Ann Jenkins
Priscilla Ann Jenkins
1852 - 1918

Margaret and Jeremiah were married for 60 years, and had five sons and four daughters.  She was married previously to a Michael Conley.  Her sister Martha married Jeremiah's brother, George Washington Jenkins.


Jun 24
1814 • The First Treaty of Paris is signed returning France's borders to their 1792 extent. Napoleon is exiled to Elba on the same day.


May 25
Age: 21y


Jeremiah Franklin Jenkins
Kentucky, USA ⇓
A David Cravens signed their marriage contract.
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1836 • Colony of South Australia founded by Captain John Hindmarsh


Aug 1
Age: 24y


Age: 25y
1840 Louis Agassiz publishes his Etudes sur les glaciers ("Study on Glaciers", 2 volumes), the first major scientific work to propose that the Earth has seen an ice age.


Mar 5
Age: 25y


Nov 28
Age: 27y


Nov 26
Age: 31y
1845 • The New York Herald becomes the first newspaper to mention the game of baseball.


Feb 20
Age: 33y
1848 Young Irelander Rebellion: a nationalist revolt in County Tipperary against British rule is put down by the Irish Constabulary.


Jan 1
Age: 37y
1852 Phi Mu Sorority was founded in Macon Georgia


Apr 10
Age: 39y
1854 • The United States packet ship Powhattan is wrecked off the New Jersey shore with more than 200 + victims.


Mar 24
Age: 41y
1856 Borax deposits are discovered in large quantities by John Veatch.


Aug 9
Age: 46y
1860 • In New Granada (modern-day Colombia) the southern state of Cauca secedes from the central government in protest at the suggestion of increase of presidential powers; Magdalena and Bolívar join it.


Age: 46y
1861 • Italian unification: The Kingdom of Italy is proclaimed by the new Parliament, with Victor Emmanuel II of Piedmont-Sardinia becoming its king.


Age: 85y
1900 Second Boer War: British troops are defeated by the Boers at Ladysmith.


Age: 85y
Margaret Cravens - 1900 United States Federal Census


Marshall, Saline, Missouri, USA ⇓
Living with her son John, who was a gardener. Both her parents are listed as being born in Virginia.
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1900 L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is published in Chicago, the first of Baum's Oz books chronicling the fictional Land of Oz for children.


Oct 16
Age: 92y
1906 • An aeroplane of Alberto Santos-Dumont takes off at Bagatelle in France and flies 60 meters (200 feet). This is the first officially recorded powered flight in Europe.


1906 Traian Vuia makes a short flight in a self-propelled, heavier-than-air aircraft.