♂ Henry Frank Lenser

1895 - 1972


Heinrich Franz

Henry Frank Lenser
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Augusta W Koschnitzki
Augusta W Koschnitzki
1860 - 1940
Albert G Lenser
Albert G Lenser
1862 - 1953
Helen Louise Clinger
Helen Louise Clinger
1900 - 1968
Anna Lenser
Anna Lenser
1887 - 1963
Otto Lenser
Otto Lenser
1891 - 1968
Paul G Lenser
Paul G Lenser
1892 - 1975


Apr 21
Age: 1m
1895 Félix Faure is elected President of French Republic after the resignation of Jean Casimir-Perier.


Age: 21y


Venango County, Pennsylvania, USA ⇓
During World War 1, he worked under base hospital 57, which served in France. The photo is of base Hospital No. 57, which "took over a large school building and functioned...as a part of the Paris district. There the normal bed capacity of the hospital was 1,800, distributed in 75 wards; but during October, 1918, as many as 2,000 sick and wounded were in the hospital." The draft notes that he was drafted in 1917, and starting in 1918, he served in the army at the medical department in an "Evac hospital". Base Hospital 57 "sailed from Brest, France, August 13, 1919, and arrived in the United States August 22, 1919, aboard the KaiserineAugusta Victoria, and was demobilized shortly afterwards."
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1917 • The U.S. government releases the text of the Zimmermann Telegram to the public.


Age: 24y
1920 • The Grand National Assembly of Turkey is founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Ankara. It denounces the government of Sultan Mehmed VI and announces a temporary constitution.


Age: 27y


Helen Louise Clinger
Oil City, Venango, Pennsylvania, USA ⇓
After their marriage, they moved to 12 Pearl Avenue, Oil City. The house was built in 1900.
1922 • The Ottoman Empire is abolished and its last sultan Mehmed VI, abdicates.


Sep 24
Age: 30y


Age: 34y

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Lois Lenser
1930 • The television station W1XAV in Boston, Massachusetts, broadcasts video and audio from the radio orchestra program The Fox Trappers. This broadcast also includes the first television commercial in the United States, an advertisement for the I. J. Fox Furriers company which sponsored the telecast.


Age: 34y
1930 Elm Farm Ollie becomes the first cow to fly in a fixed-wing aircraft, and also the first cow to be milked in an aeroplane.


Age: 44y
1940 • WWII: Operation Compass – British forces in North Africa begin their first major offensive with an attack on Italian forces at Sidi Barrani, Egypt.


Apr 27
Age: 47y


Apr 23
Age: 56y
1951 • The most complete recording of George Gershwin's opera Porgy and Bess made until then, a 3-LP Columbia Masterworks Records 129-minute album in mono, is released to great critical acclaim.