♀ Margaret Cravens

1814 - 1906


Mary, Conley

Margaret Cravens
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John C Cravens
John C Cravens
1760 - 1850
Mary Carlyle
Mary Carlyle
1773 - 1866
William Washington Jenkins
William W Jenkins
1838 - 1919
David Cravens Jenkins
David Cravens Jenkins
1840 - 1871
Mary Melvina Jenkins
Mary Melvina Jenkins
1841 - 1925
Eleven Jenkins
Eleven Jenkins
1843 - 1924
John Seldon Jenkins
John Seldon Jenkins
1845 - 1922
Rodney King Jenkins
Rodney King Jenkins
1848 - 1891
Priscilla Ann Jenkins
Priscilla Ann Jenkins
1852 - 1918

Margaret and Jeremiah were married for 60 years, and had five sons and four daughters.  She was married previously to a Michael Conley.  Her sister Martha married Jeremiah's brother, George Washington Jenkins.


May 25
Age: 21y


Jeremiah Franklin Jenkins
Kentucky, USA ⇓
A David Cravens signed their marriage contract.
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1836 George Catlin ends his 6-year tour of 50 tribes in the Dakota Territory.


Aug 1
Age: 24y


Age: 25y
1840 Fortsas hoax: A number of book collectors gather in Binche, Belgium, to attend a non-existent book auction of the late "Count of Fortsas".


Mar 5
Age: 25y
1840 • The Penny Black, the world's first postage stamp, becomes valid for the pre-payment of postage.


Nov 28
Age: 27y


Sep 10
Age: 29y
1843 Argentina supports Rosas of Uruguay and begins a siege of Montevideo.


Nov 26
Age: 31y
1845 • The Aberdeen Act is passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom empowering the British Royal Navy to search Brazilian ships as part of the abolition of the slave trade from Africa.


Feb 20
Age: 33y
1848 • In Catalonia, Spain, the BarcelonaMataró railroad route (the first to be constructed in the Iberian Peninsula) is inaugurated.


Age: 35y
1850 United States Senator Daniel Webster gives his "Seventh of March" speech in which he endorses the Compromise of 1850 in order to prevent a possible civil war.


Jan 1
Age: 37y
1852 • United States statesman Henry Clay was the first to receive the honor of lying in state in the United States Capitol rotunda.


Apr 10
Age: 39y


Aug 9
Age: 46y
1860 21 – Beijing's Old Summer Palace is burned to the ground by orders of British general Lord Elgin in retaliation for mistreatment of several prisoners of war during the Second Opium War.


Age: 85y


Age: 85y
Margaret Cravens - 1900 United States Federal Census


Marshall, Saline, Missouri, USA ⇓
Living with her son John, who was a gardener. Both her parents are listed as being born in Virginia.
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1900 • Australasian prospector Albert Fuller Ellis identifies phosphate deposits on the Pacific Islands of Nauru and Banaba Island (Ocean Island).


Oct 16
Age: 92y
1906 • Russian Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin introduces agrarian reforms aimed at creating a large class of land-owning peasants.


1906 • The first Gordon Bennett Cup in ballooning is held, starting in Paris. The winning team, piloting the balloon United States, lands in Fylingdales, Yorkshire, England.