♂ Jeremiah Franklin Jenkins

1811 - 1896



Jeremiah Franklin Jenkins
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Margaret Cravens
Margaret Cravens
1814 - 1906
William Washington Jenkins
William W Jenkins
1838 - 1919
David Cravens Jenkins
David Cravens Jenkins
1840 - 1871
Mary Melvina Jenkins
Mary Melvina Jenkins
1841 - 1925
Eleven Jenkins
Eleven Jenkins
1843 - 1924
John Seldon Jenkins
John Seldon Jenkins
1845 - 1922
Rodney King Jenkins
Rodney King Jenkins
1848 - 1891
Priscilla Ann Jenkins
Priscilla Ann Jenkins
1852 - 1918
Harriet Jenkins
Harriet Jenkins
1810 - 1900

Jeremiah was the youngest of three children, and his father died when he was two years old.  He grew up in Bullitt Kentucky, working for his mother until 1836, when he married Margaret Cravens.  The family moved to Scotland County, Missouri near Etna in 1861, then to Memphis in Jefferson Township in 1863.  A family biography from "A History of Scotland County, Missouri" says that Jeremiah "Started in life poor, but evinced a strong determination to succeed, which he was successful. He now owns 240 acres of some of the best land in Scotland County. Our subject is a decided Democrat, is a member of the I.O.O.F., (Independent Order of Odd Fellows), and he and wife are members of the Old School Presbyterian Church."


Aug 1
Age: 26y
1838 • The Boers win a decisive victory over the Zulus in the Battle of Blood River.


Age: 28y
1840 • The first known picture of Niagara Falls is taken by Hugh Lee Pattinson.


Mar 5
Age: 28y
1840 Fortsas hoax: A number of book collectors gather in Binche, Belgium, to attend a non-existent book auction of the late "Count of Fortsas".


Nov 28
Age: 30y
1841 • The Governor Fenner, carrying emigrants to the United States, sinks off Holyhead (Wales) with the loss of 123 lives.


Sep 10
Age: 31y
1843 The Friend, a Quaker weekly, is first published in London.


Nov 26
Age: 34y
1845 • The United States Congress passes legislation overriding a presidential veto for the first time.


Feb 20
Age: 36y
1848 Yucatán officially unites with Mexico.


Jan 1
Age: 40y


Apr 10
Age: 42y
1854 • The French fashion label Louis Vuitton is founded.


Mar 24
Age: 44y
1856 The Great Train Wreck (the worst railroad calamity in the world to date) occurs near Philadelphia, PA, USA.


Aug 9
Age: 48y
1860 Britain produces 20% of the entire world's output of industrial goods.


Age: 68y
1880 Tinius Olsen awarded a United States Patent for the Little Giant Testing Machine


Age: 75y


Missouri, USA ⇓
He was a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. (Seal from 1834.)
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1887 • International Bureau of Intellectual Property.


Aug 18
1896 • An Austrian newspaper reports that Wilhelm Röntgen has discovered a type of radiation later known as X-rays.