Paul Van Deusen
Isaac Van Deusen
Isaac Van Deusen
1829 - 1918
Josephine Hicks
Josephine Hicks
1835 - 1921

Paul graduated in chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania and was chemist for the Atlantic Refining Co. for a number of years until at the age of twenty-three, in company with his brother Isaac, he went prospecting in Wyoming where he was blinded by dynamite.


Age: 23y


Pennsylvania, USA ⇓
He worked for the Atlantic Refining Co. as a chemist until he was twenty three years old, having previously graduated in chemistry from the University of Pennsylavania. While later prospecting with his brother Isaac in Wyoming, he would be blinded by dynamite around the age of twenty five or twenty six.
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1899 • Second Boer War: The Siege of Ladysmith begins.


Age: 25y


Him and his wife started a poultry business, and by 1927 they had 2000 birds.
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1901 • The Intercollegiate Prohibition Association is established in Chicago.


Mar 26
Age: 26y
1901 Typhoid fever breaks out in a Seattle jail, the first of two typhoid outbreaks in the USA during the year.


Age: 29y
1905 • The Trans-Siberian Railway officially opens after its completion on July 21, 1904.


Age: 39y


Age: 41y
1917 • The Bolsheviks release the full text of the previously secret Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 in Izvestia and Pravda; it is subsequently printed in the Manchester Guardian on November 26.


Age: 64y
1940 • WWII: First Naval Battle of Narvik: The British Royal Navy attacks the German fleet in the Ofotfjord.