Isaac J Van Deusen Jr.
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Isaac Van Deusen
Isaac Van Deusen
1829 - 1918
Josephine Hicks
Josephine Hicks
1835 - 1921
Anna Lott Franklin
Anna Lott Franklin
1877 - 1923

Went prospecting in Wyoming with his brother Paul in 1898.  Moved to Orlando Florida, and was a printer for the newspaper.


Age: 44y
Isaac Van Deusen Sr. & Jr., Anna Lott Franklin, and Josephine Hicks - 1910 United States Federal Census


Conway, Orange, Florida, USA ⇓
Isaac Van Deusen Jr. and his wife Anna (Franklin) Van Deusen are living with his parents, Isaac Van Deusen Sr. and Josephine (Hicks) Van Deusen. Isaac Van Deusen Sr. is a farmer.
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1910 • The first air flight for the purpose of delivering commercial freight takes place in the United States of America. The flight, made by Wright Brothers pilot Philip Parmalee between Dayton, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio.


Age: 49y
Isaac J Van Deusen Jr. - Orlando City Directory


Orlando, Orange, Florida, USA ⇓
Manager of the printing department at the Orange County Citizen
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1915 Treaty of London: Italy secretly agrees to leave the Triple Alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary and join with the Triple Entente.


Mar 1
Age: 54y
1920 • In Geneva, the first assembly of the League of Nations is held.


Age: 57y
1923 Kandersteg International Scout Centre comes into existence in Switzerland.


May 24
Age: 75y
1940 • King Leopold III of Belgium orders the Belgian forces to cease fighting, ending the 18-day Battle of Belgium. Leaders of the Belgian government on French territory declare Leopold deposed.