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1805 - 1891

Samuel Miller
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Margaret Lackey
Margaret Lackey
1767 - 1854
Janetta Wilson
Janetta Wilson
1810 - 1878
John F Miller
John F Miller
1835 - 1899
Isabella P Miller
Isabella P Miller
1837 - 1864
James Wilson Miller
James Wilson Miller
1838 - 1929
Rebecca Ellen Miller
Rebecca Ellen Miller
1841 - 1934
William Henry Miller
William Henry Miller
1843 - 1926
Samuel Presley Miller
Samuel Presley Miller
1848 - 1932



Apr 6
1805 Beethoven's only opera Fidelio in its original form (known retrospectively as Leonore) is premiered at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna, which at this time is under French military occupation.


Age: 31y
1837 • The 5th century BC Berlin Foundry Cup is acquired for the Antikensammlung Berlin in Germany.


Age: 33y


Age: 35y
1841 • The Georgian province of Guria revolts against the Russian Empire.


Mar 9
Age: 42y
1848 Pope Pius IX publishes an allocution announcing his refusal to support Piedmont-Sardinia in its war with Austria and dispelling hopes that he might serve as ruler of a pan-Italian republic. The allocution, by which Pius is seen to withdraw his moral support for the Italian unification movement, is a key first step in the soon-to-be crushing reaction against the revolutions of 1848.


Age: 43y


Dec 3
Age: 45y
1850 • Europeans make up 22% of the world population.


Apr 21
Age: 46y
1851 Virginia closes its Reform Constitutional Convention deciding that all white men have the right to vote.


Oct 10
Age: 50y


Wabash County, Indiana ⇓
Had traveled 500 miles on their journey that would eventually find in them in Scotland County, Missouri.
1 Source ⇓
1855 • Province of Victoria separated administratively from New South Wales.


Mar 20
Age: 50y


Memphis, Scotland County, Missouri, USA ⇓
Arrived in Memphis after a journey of 1,000 miles from Virginia.
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1856 Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom gives Norfolk Island to the population of the colony at Pitcairn Island, most being descendants of the Mutiny on the Bounty. They first settle on Norfolk Island on June 8.


Jun 17
Age: 55y
1860 • German chemist Albert Niemann makes a detailed analysis of the coca leaf, isolating and purifying the alkaloid which he calls cocaine.Niemann, Albert (1860). On a New Organic Base in the Coca Leaves ("Über eine neue organische Base in den Cocablättern", published version of Ph.D. dissertation).


1891 Liliuokalani is proclaimed Queen of Hawaii.