♀ Ann Marie Plaster

1838 - 1910

Ann Marie Plaster
Michael Plaster
Michael Plaster
1813 - 1892
Ruth Burress
Ruth Burress
1819 - 1878


Mar 22
1838 • Supporters of Infante Carlos, Count of Molina, are victorious in the Battle of Maella during the First Carlist War.


Age: 1y
Michael Plaster & Ruth Burress - 1840 United States Federal Census


Township 66, Lee, Iowa Territory, USA ⇓
Michael and Ruth (Burress) Plaster are living with their oldest daughter Ann Marie Plaster, who is about one or two years old. On the next page is a 20-30 year old Joseph Burris.
1 Source ⇓
1840 Louis Agassiz publishes his Etudes sur les glaciers ("Study on Glaciers", 2 volumes), the first major scientific work to propose that the Earth has seen an ice age.


Sep 24
Age: 12y
1850 Clayton–Bulwer Treaty is signed by the United States and Great Britain, allowing both countries to share Nicaragua and not claim complete control over the proposed Nicaragua Canal.


Aug 31
Age: 72y
1910 • The first filmed version of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein comes out. Considered to be the first horror movie, it stars actor Charles Ogle as the monster.