Laura Hanna Plaster
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Michael Plaster
Michael Plaster
1813 - 1892
Ruth Burress
Ruth Burress
1819 - 1878


Age: 3y
1860 • Austria, Britain, France, Prussia and the Ottoman Empire form a commission to investigate the causes of the massacres of Maronite Christians, committed by Druzes in Lebanon earlier in the year.


Age: 13y
1870 • The Chicago Base Ball Club, later to be known as the Chicago White Stockings, and ultimately the Chicago Cubs, play their first game against the St. Louis Unions of the National Association of Base Ball Players, an amateur league.


Jun 27
Age: 19y
1875 • The Theosophical Society is founded in New York by Helena Blavatsky, H. S. Olcott, W. Q. Judge, and others.