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1819 - 1878


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Ruth Burress
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Michael Plaster
Michael Plaster
1813 - 1892

Michael and Ruth Plaster, in 1857, made the 2,000 mile journey over the plains of the Oregon Trail to Brownsville, Linn County, Oregon.  They had seven children at the time.  Traveling on the Oregon Trail was difficult, and women planning to leave would gather for important social events with friends in the months before to sew quilts together.  An article on the Oregon Trail says that "When it came time for a family or a group of families to leave, the farewells were often grandiose and sad...During the journey, women did most of the things they did back home; cooking every meal, taking care of the children, gathering food and fuel for the fire. Women had to do these things in dust, rain, hail, in tents or in the open air."  Ruth's parents are listed as William Burress and Eleanor Frakes in the Oregon Biographical Index.




Aug 7
Age: 1y
William Burress - 1820 United States Federal Census


Little York, Hardin, Kentucky, USA ⇓
Also living in Little York is a Job Burris. On the same page, a Charles and David Dougherty are also living.
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1820 George IV of the United Kingdom ascends the throne on the death at Windsor Castle of his father George III (after 59 years on the throne), ending the period known as the British Regency. There will be a gap of 21 years before the title Prince of Wales is next used.


Jun 23
Age: 17y
Ruth Burress - Oregon, Biographical and Other Index Card File, 1700s-1900s


Michael Plaster
Schuyler County, Illinois, USA ⇓
"Schuyler County Illinois I Do hereby Certify that I Did Join to gether in Marriage Michel Plaster & Ruth Burrass on the 23 day of June 1836". Signature of the justice of the peace is difficult to make out.
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1836 James Peter Allaire's company, the Howell Works, is at its peak.


Age: 20y
Michael Plaster & Ruth Burress - 1840 United States Federal Census


Township 66, Lee, Iowa Territory, USA ⇓
Michael and Ruth (Burress) Plaster are living with their oldest daughter Ann Marie Plaster, who is about one or two years old. On the next page is a 20-30 year old Joseph Burris.
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1840 Louis Agassiz publishes his Etudes sur les glaciers ("Study on Glaciers", 2 volumes), the first major scientific work to propose that the Earth has seen an ice age.


May 16
Age: 27y


Oct 1
Age: 30y
1849 Giuseppe Garibaldi enters Rome to defend it from the French troops of General Oudinot.


Sep 24
Age: 31y


Sep 24
Age: 31y
1850 • The postage stamp issues of Austria begin with a series of imperforate typographed stamps featuring the coat of arms.


Sep 10
Age: 33y
1852 Phi Mu Sorority was founded in Macon Georgia


Feb 28
Age: 36y
1856 • The Second Opium War between several western powers and China begins with the Arrow Incident on the Pearl River.


Age: 37y


Oregon ⇓
The Plasters were pioneers on the Oregon Trail from Missouri to Oregon, a journey of 2,000 miles. In the "Oregon Biographical Index", it mentions that Ruth Burress and her husband Michael Plaster traveled to Oregon in 1857 from Gentry, Missouri over the plains. This photo is not of them, but of some travelers from that time period. See gallery for more info on the Oregon Trail: https://johnsonfamily.talldude.net/ruth-burress-124/gallery/oregon-trail/all
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Age: 40y
1860 • China agrees in an unequal treaty imposed on it to allow missionaries to proselytize throughout the country.


Apr 3
Age: 59y
Ruth Burress - Oregon, Biographical and Other Index Card File, 1700s-1900s


Brownsville, Linn, Oregon, USA ⇓
A newspaper article published in the Oregon State Journal says that she died "Near Brownsville Apr. 3, 1878, Butter Plaster, wife of Michael Plaster, aged 59 years and 3 days."

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1878 • 10-year Nauruan Tribal War breaks out.