Isaac J Van Deusen Jr.
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Isaac Van Deusen
Isaac Van Deusen
1829 - 1918
Josephine Hicks
Josephine Hicks
1835 - 1921
Anna Lott Franklin
Anna Lott Franklin
1877 - 1923

Went prospecting in Wyoming with his brother Paul in 1898.  Moved to Orlando Florida, and was a printer for the newspaper.


Jun 9
Age: 15y
1880 Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza signs a treaty of protection with the chief on the large Teke tribe and begins to establish a French protectorate on the north bank of the Congo River.


Aug 24
Age: 23y


Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA ⇓
Living at 2105 Tioga Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1888 • There is a mutiny at Dufile, India, and the Emin Pasha is imprisoned.


Age: 25y
1891 Springhill, Nova Scotia, suffers a serious mining disaster.


Age: 44y
Isaac Van Deusen Sr. & Jr., Anna Lott Franklin, and Josephine Hicks - 1910 United States Federal Census


Conway, Orange, Florida, USA ⇓
Isaac Van Deusen Jr. and his wife Anna (Franklin) Van Deusen are living with his parents, Isaac Van Deusen Sr. and Josephine (Hicks) Van Deusen. Isaac Van Deusen Sr. is a farmer.
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1910 Mexican Revolution: Francisco I. Madero proclaims the elections of 1910 null and void, and calls for an armed revolution at 6 p.m. against the illegitimate presidency/dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz.


Age: 49y
Isaac J Van Deusen Jr. - Orlando City Directory


Orlando, Orange, Florida, USA ⇓
Manager of the printing department at the Orange County Citizen
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1915 William J. Simmons revives the Civil War era Ku Klux Klan at Stone Mountain, Georgia.


Mar 1
Age: 54y


Age: 57y
1923 • The first major seagoing ship arrives at Gdynia, the newly constructed Polish seaport.


Apr 3
Age: 64y
1930 Mahatma Gandhi sets off on a 200-mile protest march towards the sea with 78 followers to protest at the British monopoly on salt; more will join them during the Salt March that ends on April 5.


May 24
Age: 75y
1940 • WWII: Vichy France signs armistice terms with Italy.


Mar 16
Age: 95y
1961 • U.S. President John F. Kennedy gives a widely watched TV speech on the Berlin crisis, warning "we will not be driven out of Berlin." Kennedy urges Americans to build fallout shelters, setting off a four-month debate on civil defense.